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In this part of this website you can read texts by Fedia Jacobs, intended as inspiration and written over time.

Kindly request these texts not without attribution (my name and the name of the website forward. This part of the website is under construction.

It is the intention that new texts are constantly being added. This creates a list first, and later, I expect, categories.

Time, place, human relations, vitality and inspiration

June 2022

Lecture at farewell symposium Sinai Center 28 June 2022

This lecture provides an insight into the working method "From there to now", developed during the last fifteen years of assistance to trauma victims and their loved ones. 

The method uses v
an simple wooden puppets and "time screens".

In most of this text, through a 'behind the scenes' look, a model presented for effective treatment, work supervision and intervision in relation to treatment of the serious consequences of man-made disaster. In this model, the focus is on victim, therapist and perpetrator.


I try, sometimes prosaically, to articulate the processes of traumatization and recovery. The text deepens to the to the end, in which I dare to venture on little-trodden roads. That 'may' and is relatively risk-free when you retire.

Mental Health Care for Jews – Jewish Mental Health Care

March 2009

Jews in the Netherlands carry an ancient and rich cultural-religious legacy. In the history of the Jewish people there is a lot of persecution. History and heritage provide a fundamental bond between Jews. How Jewish life is organized is secondary to this band.


The situation of Jews living in the Netherlands contains historical, cultural, social and religious elements. Mental health care for the Jewish population group in the Netherlands appeals to these aspects.


Integration can best be done by taking a cultural-religious and philosophical anamnesis oriented to Jewish origin during the intake. This allows an estimate to be made of the bond to Judaism. Moreover, the client is implicitly invited to thematize the meanings of his Judaism within the treatment.


If you are unfamiliar with Judaism and if you have questions about Jewish identity, referral to a rabbi or a Jewish aid organization is strongly recommended.

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Healing from a conviction (Bernard Lievegoed lecture)

May 2008

To treat from a Jewish point of view is to heal, in the literal sense of the word: to make whole, to restore. The ability to heal in this context is a privilege and creates obligations. Receiving help is a right.


Once healed, one can again fully devote oneself to the collective Jewish mission, which is after all the reason for existence.

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