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Life is connecting.

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Humans are eminently relational beings. Relationships are an inexhaustible source of inspiration and vitality. I consider improving the bond between loved ones and people's contact with themselves as important ideals in my personal life and professional career.


My beliefs and beliefs have been shaped in various ways: in my family of origin, through other personal relationships, through inspiration from various sources of Jewish wisdom, and throughout my work as a psychiatrist since 1987.


In particular, the thousands of encounters with victims of man-made disaster trauma at the Sinai Center have made me aware of the long-lasting effects on the inner self and on relationships of border crossings that people inflict on each other. But also of the possibilities of reversing those effects for the better.

Through my website I offer consultation, advice, short-term individual treatment, lectures, workshops, training courses, inspiring texts and books.

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Painful enrichment. Reborn relationships in the shadow of war violence

September 2012

War violence leads to loss or disruption of relationships with loved ones. How can the inner bond with the meaningful other be restored? A candid and hopeful book about psychotherapy with war victims and their children

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From there to now. Better contact between victims of violence and relatives

November 2017

Acts of war, domestic violence, violence against political opponents, torture and rape are also referred to as man-made disasters. Such unpleasant experiences can have a lasting effect on victims. For example, in the form of incriminating memories. Subsequently, violence can also subtly disrupt the bond of those affected by violence with their loved ones and with themselves. This is due to confusion in time and place. Does the victim of violence live with the perpetrators of the past, or with his relatives now? Do the loved ones live on the violent 'inner backdrop' of the victim? Or on an 'inner decor' of peaceful coexistence?
In this book, Fedia Jacobs explains on the basis of theory and constellations with puppets, an increasingly proven application in aid. His clarification in words and images increases understanding, a first step towards better contact between victims of violence and their loved ones.

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